Bico Jaw Crushers
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$5,925.00 LC-33  Braun Chipmunk Crusher, 2.3x3", 2Hp/1Ph
$5,305.50 LC-34  Braun Chipmunk Crusher, 2.3x3", 2Hp/3Ph
$6,674.50 LC-35  Braun Chipmunk Crusher, 2.4x4", 3Hp/1Ph
$6,132.50 LC-36  Braun Chipmunk Crusher, 2.4x4", 3Hp/3Ph
$10,795.50 LC-37  Braun Badger Jaw Crusher, 5x7", 5Hp/3Ph
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LCA-91 Pulverizer, Crushers... ($7,525.00)
LCA-92 Dust Enclosure Repla... ($265.00)
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380.0 pounds   172.4 kilograms
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Braun Chipmunk Crusher, 2.3x3", 2Hp/1Ph
LC-35, Chipmunk Jaw Crusher Enlarge Photo
LC-35, Chipmunk Jaw Crusher

LC-33 Bico Jaw Crushers

Sturdy Bico Crushers are designed for long life size reduction of hard rock, ores, and minerals. Capacity is exceptional with minimum power consumption. Time proven designs are effective and compact, with all parts accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

Electric motor starting switch is included, but must be installed on-site. Single phase motors can be configured for 110V or 220V operation. Three phase motors can be set to operate on 220V or 440V.

LC-33 and LC-34 Chipmunk Jaw Crushers have reversible jaw plates to extend life. Stationary jaw lifts easily from frame for cleaning interior parts, and both jaws are replaced easily when worn. Construction is wear-resistant alloy steel with sealed bronze bearings and alloy steel shafts. Semi-enclosed motor with mounting blocks drives four V-belt drive. Sample Pan, Feed Hopper, and Guards for belts and flywheel are included. Both the LC-33 and LC-34 Crushers have 3x6in (76x152mm) jaw size with 3x2.25in (76x57mm) opening. A hand-wheel on the side adjusts wedge blocks to set jaw discharge to 1/16—3/8in (1.6—9.5mm) particle size.

LC-35 and LC-36 Jaw Crushers have 4x9in (102x229mm) jaw size with 4x2-3/8in (102x60mm) opening, and reduction adjusts for 1/16—5/8in (1.6—15.9mm) particle size.

LC-37 Badger Jaw Crusher has the highest crushing capacity needed for labs and pilot plants. This heavy-duty unit has unique vertical/horizontal jaw action to aggressively and efficiently reduce 4x6in (102x152mm) topsize rock sample to 1/8—3/4in (3—19mm) at a rate of 1,300lb/hour (590kg). Guards for belts and flywheel and a Feed Hopper are included. Optional Dust Collector Base with Pan is available as LCA-57.

LCA-91 Dust Enclosure Bench is designed as an option for Bico Pulverizers, but can also be used for other equipment. The 47x36x35in (1,194x914x- 889mm), WxDxH painted sheet metal enclosure has lighted interior and a hinged cover with view panel. The removable-grate work surface is made up of 3/4in (19mm) bars. A high-capacity blower with 500—700FPM (152—213m/min) air velocity moves dust to a collector drawer with replaceable filter cartridge. An exhaust silencer controls noise. Pulverizer plates may be changed without moving the machine. Shipped fully assembled and requires no installation or special duct work. Dimensions: 65x36x60in (1,651x914x1,524mm), WxDxH.

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