Kelway Soil Acidity/Moisture Meter

Model: MA-78
Price: $122.50

Unique, dual-purpose Kelway Field Testing Meter gives accurate soil pH (3.5—8.0 range) and moisture (0—100% relative saturation) measurements in three minutes or less. Simply insert pointed end to achieve good soil contact. Readings from scales on top dial are based on measured electrical potential between two dissimilar metal plates. No batteries, electrodes, or buffer solutions are needed, and the meter is durable and insensitive to normal temperatures. Meter is supplied complete with belt-loop carrying case, two 3x4in (76x102mm) conditioning film sheets, and instructions. Conditioning film is used to clean electrode plates prior to use. Not for use with liquids.

Dimensions, in (mm) WxDxH Meter is 6.5in (165mm) long with 1.5in (38mm) diameter dial; net wt. is 8oz (0.2kg)
Estimated Shipping Weight, lb (kg) 2lb (1kg)
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