Soil Density Molds & Components

Soil Density Molds are used for a variety of soil moisture-density relationship tests. Gilson offers a complete selection of mold sets and separate components for your application.


4in Soil Density Mold Sets

Starting at $84.50
Models: HMA-110, HMA-111

6in Soil Density Mold Sets

Starting at $102.50
Models: HMA-116, HMA-117
Models: HMA-110M, HMA-111M, HMA-110C, HMA-110B
Models: HMA-116M, HMA-117M, HMA-116C, HMA-116B
All are fabricated from heavy, clear-zinc plated steel and precision machined to meet test method specifications.
  • 4in Soil Density Mold Sets are available with solid molds for use with sample ejectors or split molds that separate longitudinally for easy sample removal. 4in diameter molds have a volume of 0.0333ft³ (943cm³).
  • 6in Soil Density Mold Sets also come in either solid or split mold options. 6in diameter molds are 0.0750ft³ (2,124cm³) in volume.
  • 4in Soil Density Mold Components include solid or split molds only, collar only and base only options, sold separately.
  • 6in Soil Density Mold Components can be purchased individually. Gilson stocks solid or split molds, bases and collars.