Soil Cement Component Sets

Soil Cement Component Sets meet ASTM D1633 test standards and can be selected with either analog or digital components.


  • Analog Soil Cement Component Set w/10,000lbf Capacity contains components required for testing to ASTM D1633, including a 10,000lbf Load Ring, Swivel Platen, Dial Indicator/Displacement Transducer Bracket, and Mechanical Dial Indicator.
  • Digital Soil Cement Component Set w/10,000lbf Capacity comes with the digital components needed to perform unconfined compressive strength tests on soil-cement samples in accordance with ASTM D1633. Includes a Swivel Platen, Bracket and Support for Dial Indicator or Transducer, Two Channel Data Readout, 10,000lbf Load Cell, and Linear Variable Displacement Transducer.