Soil Cement Apparatus

Compression Test Mold Set for Soil Cement Apparatus
Compression Test Mold Set for Soil Cement Apparatus
Model: HM-229
Price: $497.50
Dropping-Weight Compactor for Soil Cement Apparatus
Dropping-Weight Compactor for Soil Cement Apparatus
Model: HM-228
Price: $1,164.00

Soil Cement Apparatus is used for preparation of specimens for compressive strength testing. A pre-determined mass of soil-cement mixture is consolidated into the mold assembly, first using a tamping rod, and then finished by repeated blows of a dropping-weight compactor until the required length dimension is achieved.

HM-229 Compression Test Mold Set consists of a 2.8x9in (71x229mm) IDxL seamless steel mold, a 6in (152mm) mold extension with collar, top and bottom pistons, a split spacer clip, and two aluminum 1/16in (1.54mm) separating discs. Extra HMA-122 Molds are recommended for more efficient specimen preparation and curing. Est. Ship Wt.: 20lb (9kg).

HM-228 Dropping-Weight Compactor uses a 15lb (6.8kg) falling weight on a 3/4in (19mm) shaft guide to strike the top piston of the mold set for final dynamic consolidation of the specimen. The Compactor base features a locating pin, assuring precise centering of the Test Mold Set. Drop height is controlled by a clip on the compactor shaft guide. Est. Ship. Wt.: 40lb (18kg).

HMA-125 Tamping Rod is required for initial consolidation of specimens. HM-516 Sample Ejector (listed separately) or equivalent is recommended for extraction of specimens from molds.

Dimensions ½x 20in (12.7x508mm) DxL

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Dimensions ½x 20in (12.7x508mm) DxL
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