Single-Wheel Corrosion Electrode

Model: CTA-96
Price: $4,660.00

Single-Wheel Corrosion Electrode is used with the CT-170 Profometer® Corrosion Meter to identify active corrosion in steel-reinforced concrete. A Wheel (single or four) or Rod Corrosion Electrode is required for use with the corrosion meter. This single-wheel electrode comes with a 5.6ft (1.7m) telescopic rod, encoder, cables, spare parts, tool kit, 250g each of copper sulfate, and citric acid. The unit works well for easily-accessible horizontal, vertical, or overhead surfaces, and provides faster measurements than a rod electrode.


  • Copper/Copper Sulphate half-cell electrode
  • Fast and efficient results

Included Items:

  • Single-Wheel Corrosion Electrode
  • 5.6ft (1.7m) Telescopic Rod
  • Encoder
  • Cables
  • Spare Parts
  • Tool Kit
  • 250g Copper Sulphate
  • Citric Acid
Length 5.6ft (1.7m) Telescopic Rod
Estimated Shipping Weight 12.0lb (5.44kg)

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Length 5.6ft (1.7m) Telescopic Rod
Estimated Shipping Weight 12.0lb (5.44kg)