Orbital Sieve Shakers

Orbital Sieve Shakers use a similar motion to hand sieving and offer an affordable option for accurate separations of materials. Particles roll around the mesh surface until they fall through an opening. These Sieve Shakers are ideal for most free-flowing materials between No. 4 (4.75mm) and No. 200 (75µm).

Gilson 8in Sieve Shakers

Starting at $822.00
Models: SS-15, SS-15F, SS-15D, SS-15DF

Gilson 8in to 12in Sieve Shakers

Starting at $1,042.00
Models: SS-14, SS-14F, SS-14D, SS-14DF
  • Gilson 8in Sieve Shakers are portable units recommended for the separation of materials ranging from No. 4 to No. 200 and are widely accepted by state transportation departments for highway materials testing. Back and forth orbital motion, combined with up and down tilting motions assures full use of sieve mesh area.
  • Gilson 8in to 12 in Sieve Shakers are versatile units that accept ASTM 8in and 12in sieves and ISO 200mm and 300mm test sieves. A simple orbital and tilting action distributes material evenly across sieve mesh for accurate separations from #4 to #200 (4.75mm to 75µm) particle sizes.