Metal Pans and Bowls

From handling and storing to processing aggregates and other bulk sample materials for laboratory testing, Gilson’s line of metal bowls and pans are designed for use in a wide range of construction testing applications.


1.1qt. Aluminum Pan
Model: SPA-301
1.2qt. Stainless Steel Pan
Model: SC-70
1.3qt. Aluminum Pan
Model: SC-165
1.3qt. Stainless Steel Pan
Model: SC-74
1.8qt. Stainless Steel Pan
Model: SC-65
2qt. Aluminum Pan
Model: SC-152
2.6qt. Stainless Steel Pan
Model: SC-60
3qt. Stainless Steel Bowl
Model: SC-81
4qt. Aluminum Pan
Model: SC-163
4qt. Stainless Steel Pan
Model: SC-55
4.3qt. Stainless Steel Pan
Model: SC-47
4.5qt. Aluminum Pan
Model: SC-151
5qt. Stainless Steel Bowl
Model: SC-82
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Constructed of steel, galvanized iron, stainless steel or aluminum, pans come in round, square or rectangular shapes – with lids and without. Pan capacities range from 1.1qt to 49qt, while bowls range from 0.7qt to 16qt. Additional construction-specific features include:

  • Steel – painted, welded, durable for long life. Cross-stacking Handling Pans have chute end and swing-down handle to permit oven access. Others have end flanges for lifting. SPA-120 is also available in aluminum as SPA-122.
  • Galvanized Iron – wire-bound rolled top edges and two drop handles. Pans SC-2, SC-4 and SC-5 have tapered sides for nesting. Others have straight sides. Compatible with maximum oven temperatures to 350°F (177°C).
  • Stainless Steel – top quality seamless construction with rounded corners. Rectangular pans have straight sides. SC-45, SC-46, and SC-47 have handles, others have oversized flanges for handling. Round pans have tapered sides. SC-77 is sized to contain 8in (200mm) sieves. SC-80 thru SC-84 are round sided.
  • Aluminum – seamless, heavy-gauge aluminum pans are economical, durable lightweight and rust-proof. Models SC-149 thru SC-151 have end handles. Large SC-149 is extra heavy-duty.