Concrete Maturity Meters, 4-Channel

4-Channel Concrete Maturity Meter (Standard)

4-Channel Concrete Maturity Meter (Standard)

Model: HM-136
Price: $1,520.00
4-Channel Concrete Maturity Meter (Rechargeable Battery)

4-Channel Concrete Maturity Meter (Rechargeable Battery)

Model: HM-134
Price: $1,680.00

4-Channel Concrete Maturity Meters are used for assessing the strength of in-place concrete based on its age and temperature history. One to four locations can be monitored at once, and channels are accessed via membrane keyboard and alphanumeric display.

Meters have an internal memory for over ten months of continuous recording of half-hour interval readings. Datum temperature and activation energy are user-programmable. Maturity progress can be checked directly from the meter at any time. Both meters include Type T thermocouple wire, four connectors, RS-232 cable for downloading to a PC, and a plastic carrying case. The Type T thermocouple wires have quick-connect jacks for direct embedding into a concrete structure to measure the temperature at specific intervals. The memory capacity is 32K.

HM-136 Standard Maturity Meter is operated by included a 9V lithium battery for three weeks or more.

HM-134 Rechargeable Maturity Meter has the same capabilities, but is rechargeable and comes with a NiCad battery and charger to more than double battery life or permit operation from 115V AC.


  • Internal memory offers storage for up to 10 months of data
  • Membrane keyboard and alphanumeric display
  • Available in battery-powered or rechargeable models

Included Items:

  • 4-Channel Concrete Maturity Meter, Standard or Rechargeable
  • Type T Thermocouple Wire
  • Four Connectors
  • RS-232 Cable
  • Plastic Carrying Case


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Product Dimensions 7.8 x 4.7 x 2.9in (198 x 119 x 74mm), W x D x H
Estimated Shipping Weight 8.0lb (3.63kg)

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Product Dimensions 7.8 x 4.7 x 2.9in (198 x 119 x 74mm), W x D x H
Estimated Shipping Weight 8.0lb (3.63kg)
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