Digital Marshall Stability Component Set w/ 10,000lbf Capacity

Model: MSA-860D
Price: $1,955.00

MSA-860D Marshall Stability Digital Component Set includes components needed to transfer and display ASCII file formatted data in Marshall Stability Testing when connected to user-supplied PC. Products contained in this digital set include the HM-430D 10,000lbf Load Cell, HM-740 2in Linear Variable Displacement Transducer, HM-418 Two-Channel Data Readout and HMA-401 Bracket with 0.75in thread for Dial Indicator or Displacement Transducer. HMA-668 Readout Mounting Bracket to position data readouts is sold separately.


  • Transfers data from Marshall testing to user’s PC
  • Digital display allows for load and flow measurements on Readout Box

Included Items:

  • 10,000lbf Load Cell
  • 2in Linear Variable Transducer
  • Two Channel Data Readout
  • Bracket, 0.75in thread


Load Capacity 10,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 17.0lb (7.71kg)

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Load Capacity 10,000lbf
Estimated Shipping Weight 17.0lb (7.71kg)
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