Large Cabinet Ovens

Large Cabinet Ovens have an extra-large 47-78ft³ capacity, double-door access to 30in (762mm) deep shelves, and an exterior depth of 46in (1,168mm).


Large Cabinet Oven, 400°F Max, 46.9ft³
Models: BO-60EB, BO-60EC, BO-60GB, BO-60GC
Large Cabinet Oven, 400°F Max, 58.3ft³
Models: BO-62EB, BO-62EC, BO-62GB, BO-62GC
Large Cabinet Oven, 400°F Max, 77.9ft³
Models: BO-64EB, BO-64EC, BO-64GB, BO-64GC
Large Cabinet Oven, 550°F Max, 46.9ft³
Models: BO-61EB, BO-61EC, BO-61GB, BO-61GC
Large Cabinet Oven, 550°F Max, 58.3ft³
Models: BO-63EB, BO-63EC, BO-63GB, BO-63GC
Large Cabinet Oven, 550°F Max, 77.9ft³
Models: BO-65EB, BO-65EC, BO-65GB, BO-65GC

Solidly constructed, large three-phase cabinet ovens are available in high volume gas-fired or all-electric models. They have operating temperatures of 400°F (204°C) or 550°F (288°C), and 230V or 460V three-phase operation. Other standard features include forced horizontal air flow, LED indicating temperature controller, stainless steel interior walls with 4in (102mm) insulation, enameled steel exterior, and silicone rubber door gaskets, and come with two reinforced 100lb (45.5kg) capacity nickel-plated wire shelves. Depending on the model, a large cabinet oven’s support center accommodates eight to ten shelves. The UL-listed side access control panel houses the digital controller, blower control push-button, on/off heat switch, adjustable over-temperature safety control, and pilot lights.

The ovens have explosion-venting latches, adjustable air intake, exhaust dampers, adjustable interior ductwork louvers to balance air flow, and built-in baffles to prevent radiant heat. The BOA-46 Shut-Down Timer turns off ovens at a preset time, while the BOA-48 Operation Timer rings at a preset time and continues to ring until the door is opened or the timer is reset. Both optional accessories can be ordered in 1, 5, 10, or 30-hour ranges. Gilson offers a wide variety of Large Cabinet Ovens to meet your needs.