In-Situ Quality Testing

Non-destructive, in-place tests of hardened concrete for strength, soundness, void content, chemical reactivity, and corrosion of reinforcement are important to assess condition and serviceability of structures.



Model: HM-195

ASR Detect Kit

Model: HM-262
Model: HM-246
Model: HM-723

Strain Gauge Set

Starting at $1,036.00
Models: HM-240, HM-240F, HM-240D
Alkali-silica reactivity is a reaction between cement paste and some aggregates that can result in extensive damage. The ASR Test Kit can diagnose this condition so decisions can be made for remedial treatments or removal. Concrete in wet environments or exposed to deicing chemicals can develop problems with corrosion of reinforcing steel, leading to structural damage or weakening.  Carbonation occurs to concrete surfaces over time from reaction with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The chemical changes can result in increased corrosion activity to the reinforcing steel and embrittlement of the concrete itself. The Windsor Probe test is a widely accepted method of estimating concrete strength based on resistance to penetration of a powder-actuated probe.