Gold Probes for Windsor Probe System

3-Piece Gold Probes Set

3-Piece Gold Probes Set

Model: WPA-3
Price: $71.00
3-Piece Gold Probes Case, 25 Set

3-Piece Gold Probes Case, 25 Set

Model: WPA-3B
Price: $943.00

Probes for Windsor Probe Test Systems are available in different designs as “Gold” concrete with light-weight aggregates or “Silver” for normal-weight concrete. Both are used exclusively with Windsor Probe Test Systems to determine penetration resistance of concrete to estimate in-place strength.

WPA-3 Gold Probes are used for penetration testing of light-weight concrete with densities less than 125lb/ft³ (2,003kg/M³) and have 56% greater cross-sectional area than Silver Probes. Made from hardened alloy steel, these probes are plated to protect against corrosion. Special low-power adapters position the probes further down the barrel for testing of concrete with strengths below 3,000psi.

Gold Probes are sold in a kit that contains three probes, adapters, and three power loads, enough to run one test following the ASTM test method. Gold probes are also available by the case as WPA-3B; each case contains 25 kits.


  • Constructed from high-strength steel alloy and plated to resist corrosion
  • The set allows you to perform one test following the ASTM method
  • Optimal for testing concrete with densities less than 125lb/ft³ (2,003kg/M³)

Included Items:

  • WPA-3 Gold Probe test kit. Kit contains three probes, adapters and three power loads
  • WPA-3B Case of 25 Gold Probe kits
Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lb (1.36kg)

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Estimated Shipping Weight 3.0lb (1.36kg)
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