Extruders easily remove soil samples from the matching-size Shear Box after testing, while keeping the specimen intact. They are available with round or square heads, and used in shear strength testing with Karol-Warner Dead-Weight Direct or Pneumatic Direct/Residual Shear Machines. They come in a range of in or mm diameter measurements, in sizes that also correlate to Cutters.
Model: HMA-763M
Model: HMA-763
Model: HMA-764M
Model: HMA-764
Model: HMA-765
Model: HMA-768
Model: HMA-767
Model: HMA-766

50mm Extruder

Model: HMA-763MS
Model: HMA-763S

60mm Extruder

Model: HMA-764MS
Model: HMA-764SA

2.5in Extruder

Model: HMA-765S
Model: HMA-767S

4in Extruder

Model: HMA-766S