Digital Component Set with 1000 lbf Load Cell

Model: HMA-683D
Price: $1,943.00

HMA-683D Digital Unconfined Compression Component Set has a 1,000lbf Load Cell and 2in travel Displacement Transducer that connect to the included HM-418 two-channel Digital Readout. A Transducer Bracket and 2.8x0.25in Plastic Disc are also included. The self-contained HM-418 transfers load and displacement data via the USB port to common spreadsheet applications on user’s PC with included software. Data can be used to create printable graphs. The software is compatible with Windows® XP, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. The Readout shows real-time data on the large, bright vacuum fluorescent display. The front panel keys allow instant taring of either channel peak reading on the selected channel and entry of calibration factors during set up.

Component Set Contents Include:

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