Cutters for Shear Boxes

Cutters have built-in cutting edges and precisely trim soil specimens to fit matching-size Shear Boxes . Models are available in a range of inch and metric sizes in round or square shapes.
Model: HMA-743M
Model: HMA-743
Model: HMA-744M
Model: HMA-744
Model: HMA-745
Model: HMA-748
Model: HMA-747
Model: HMA-746

50mm Cutter

Model: HMA-743MS

2.0in Cutter

Model: HMA-743S

60mm Cutter

Model: HMA-744MS

2.42in Cutter

Model: HMA-744SA

2.5in Cutter

Model: HMA-745S

100mm Cutter

Model: HMA-747S

4in Cutter

Model: HMA-746S