Concrete Hygro-i Inspection Kit

Model: HM-85
Price: $2,060.00

Concrete Hygro-i Inspection Kit is versatile and includes everything required for concrete humidity testing. It provides a complete profile of moisture content throughout the slab, not just the surface. Humidity levels are measured periodically with electronic moisture sensors embedded in 0.75in (19mm) holes bored to the specified depth. Probes are flush with the floor surface and do not interfere with normal construction activities. Test holes are easily patched after monitoring is complete. The system meets the requirements of ASTM F2170.

The kit includes the HM-669 digital CMEXpert ll Concrete Moisture Meter, which displays measured values when connected to the probes. It can also be used independently as a direct-contact moisture meter meeting ASTM F2659 requirements. Twelve Hygro-i RH probes, electronic interface cable, twenty-five hole-liners with caps, an infrared surface thermometer, and a special tool for insertion and recovery of the multi-use Hygro-i Probes are all packaged in the sturdy plastic carrying case. Three Calibration Salt Check containers with reference material for 75% RH calibration are also included. All components can be purchased separately as replacements.


  • Contains all needed components for accurate concrete humidity testing
  • Fast and reliable Hygro-i RH probe meets ASTM F2170
  • CMEXpert ll Concrete Moisture Meter can be used separately for direct-contact surface measurements
  • Meter has a backlit display

Included Items:

  • Concrete Hygro-i Inspection Kit
    • CMEXpert ll Concrete Moisture Meter
    • Hygro-i Single Probe w/Electronic Interface
    • 12 Hygro-i Reusable Probes
    • Electronic Interface Cable
    • 25 Plastic Hole Liners w/ Caps
    • Infrared Surface Thermometer
    • Insertion & Recovery Tool for reusable probes
    • 3 Calibration Salt Check Containers
    • Plastic Carrying Case


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Product Dimensions 17 x 5 x 13in (432 x 127 x 330mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 8.0lb (3.63kg)

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Product Dimensions 17 x 5 x 13in (432 x 127 x 330mm), WxDxH
Estimated Shipping Weight 8.0lb (3.63kg)
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