Concrete Cracking & Displacement

Measurement and monitoring of cracks and displacement in concrete roads, bridges and structures can be accomplished using a variety of measuring devices, such as Concrete Crack Monitors or a Strain Gauge Set. Concrete Crack Monitors are available in models to measure opening, closing and differential movement of cracks. The Strain Gauge Set also is used to measure cracks, but additionally determines strain, relative displacement, shrinkage and more in accordance with ASTM C426.


Concrete Cracking and Displacement
  • Crack Monitors are easy to use and offer reliable monitoring of crack widths in concrete bridges, roads, and buildings. Several different styles of crack monitors are available to choose from.
  • Strain Gauge Set is available in standard, metric or digital models. The set includes the components needed to measure crack openings and closings, shrinkage during curing, relative displacement, strain under load and more.