CBR Components

Gilson offers a comprehensive selection of products for preparation of soil samples for California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test method for load bearing soils, ASTM D1883 and AASHTO T 193. Each product is available separately or as the BRA-55 CBR Test Set with CBR Molds, Spacers, Surcharge Weights, Swell Plates, Swell Tripod, Spacer Disc and Filters.

CBR Surcharge Weights

CBR Surcharge Weights

Starting at $35.50
Models: BRA-63, BRA-64
CBR Spacer Disc
Model: BRA-61
CBR Swell Plate
Model: BRA-67
CBR Swell Tripod

CBR Swell Tripod

Starting at $142.00
Models: BRA-68, BRA-68F
Penetration Piston for CBR Test
Models: BRA-30, BRA-31
CBR Filters

CBR Filters

Starting at $7.00
Models: BRA-75, BRA-76
  • CBR Mold Set includes the mold, base and collar components needed to prepare compacted specimens for CBR testing
  • CBR Compaction Mold Only easily attaches to the base and top collar to mold soil specimens for the CBR test.
  • CBR Compaction Mold Collar Only is used with the compaction mold and base, and connects at the top of the mold for additional height of the soil sample.
  • CBR Compaction Mold Base Only supports the mold assembly during compaction.
  • CBR Surcharge Weights in annular or slotted models used in application of surcharge forces.
  • CBR Spacer Disc is inserted into CBR Molds as a false bottom during compaction.
  • CBR Swell Plate is used when measuring swell and as a carrier for surcharge weights.
  • CBR Swell Tripod positions a dial indicator to measure specimen swell.
  • Penetration Piston for CBR Test penetrates the CBR sample under load while depth of penetration is recorded.
  • CBR Cutting Edge fits on the end of a CBR mold for field sampling of in-situ soils.
  • CBR Filters are reusable stainless steel wire mesh circles or single-use coarse filter paper placed between soil and spacer disc.