CBR Field Components (NO LONGER IN USE)

The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) field test measures the relative strength of in-situ soils and some base course materials for use in pavement design. Field tests are run by forcing a piston into the soil at the test site and comparing the load on the piston to the depth of penetration.


Field CBR Loading Jacks

Field CBR Loading Jacks

Starting at $1,627.00
Models: BR-2, BR-3
CBR Penetration Pistons

CBR Penetration Pistons

Starting at $70.00
Models: BRA-30, BRA-31
Connector Set for CBR Test
Model: BRA-33
CBR Surcharge Masses

CBR Surcharge Masses

Starting at $128.00
Models: BRA-40, BRA-41, BRA-42
2,000lbf Load Ring
Model: HM-425
5,000lbf Load Ring
Model: HM-427