CBR Field Components

The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) field test measures the relative strength of in-situ soils and some base course materials for use in pavement design. Field tests are run by forcing a piston into the soil at the test site and comparing the load on the piston to the depth of penetration.


Field CBR Loading Jacks

Field CBR Loading Jacks

Starting at $1,535.00
Models: BR-2, BR-3
Penetration Piston for CBR Test
Models: BRA-30, BRA-31
Connector Set for CBR Test
Model: BRA-33
CBR Surcharge Masses

CBR Surcharge Masses

Starting at $121.00
Models: BRA-40, BRA-41, BRA-42
2,000lbf Load Ring
Model: HM-425
5,000lbf Load Ring
Model: HM-427
  • Field CBR Loading Jacks come in two models, a Two-Speed CBR Loading Jack and Three Speed CBR Loading Jack, each with 10,000lbf (45kN) capacity and swivel base.
  • Penetration Piston for CBR Test penetrates the soil under load during testing. Piston load is compared to depth of penetration in determining CBR values.
  • Piston Extension Set for Field CBR Test ensures proper positioning of penetration piston for application of load.
  • Connector Set for CBR Test is required for connection of multiple Extension Rods and Penetration Piston in CBR testing.
  • Field Surcharge Plate and Masses with annular or slotted openings simulate loads from base course or pavement.
  • Dial Support Bridge for CBR Test positions mechanical dial indicator for accurate penetration measurements. Meets ASTM and COE standards.
  • 2,000lbf Load Ring accurately measures applied loads. Includes dial indicator with 0.0001in resolution and calibration chart.
  • 5,000lbf Load Ring for accurate measurement of applied loads. Comes with 0.0001in resolution dial indicator and calibration chart.