Budget Hi-Capacity Ovens

Budget Hi-Capacity Ovens offer unusually-high capacity at affordable prices. These forced convection electric bench ovens operate to 204°C (400°F) with ±0.5% control accuracy and ±4°C (±8°F) uniformity for efficient drying of large sample loads.


Budget Hi-Capacity Oven, 15.8ft³
Models: BO-323A, BO-323B, BO-323C
Budget Hi-Capacity Oven, 27ft³

Budget Hi-Capacity Oven, 27ft³

Starting at $8,008.00
Models: BO-333A, BO-333B, BO-333C
Budget Hi-Capacity Oven, 36ft³

Budget Hi-Capacity Oven, 36ft³

Starting at $8,274.00
Models: BO-343A, BO-343B, BO-343C

Ovens may be used on the bench or ordered with a 24in (610mm) high Stand Kit for most convenient working height. Two 50lb (23kg) capacity nickel-plated wire shelves adjust to fit any of ten support channels on 3in centers; order extra shelves as needed. Smallest Model BO-323 is designed to fit through a 30in (762mm) wide door.

All Budget Hi-Capacity models have double doors and 2in (51mm) rockwool insulation between carbon steel walls with type 304 stainless steel interior and enameled exterior. The UL-listed side access control panel has an analog solid state, thermocouple-actuated temperature controller, blower control pushbuttons, On/Off heat switch, adjustable over-temperature controller, and pilot lights. Heaters shut off if blower fails, and the 1/3hp blower can be run without the heater for cooling. Adjustable air intake and exhaust dampers are provided. Construction includes explosion venting latches, silicone rubber door gaskets, and incolloy-sheathed tubular heating elements with built-in baffle to prevent radiant heat.

The BOA-46 Shut Down Timer accessory turns off oven at a preset time and has "hold" feature for continuous operation. The BOA-48 Operation Timer rings bell at end of preset time until door is opened or timer is reset. When ordering BOA-46 or BOA-48 timers specify 1, 5, 10, or 30 hour. Extra shelves are also available. Stand Kits are shipped separately and require assembly; other accessories are factory installed.

*Dimensions include 10in (25cm) for blower motor on top of case, and 9in (23cm) control panel on right side.