Retsch Rotary Sample Divider
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$11,080.00 RS-212  Retsch Rotary Sample Divider Set, 110-120V, 60Hz
$11,080.00 RS-212F  Retsch Rotary Sample Divider Set, 220-240V, 50Hz
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RSA-137 Retsch (10) 250ml Bo... ($104.00)
RSA-138 Retsch (10) 500ml Bo... ($104.00)
RSA-141 Retsch (10) 500ml Du... ($217.00)
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101.0 pounds   45.8 kilograms
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Retsch Rotary Sample Divider Set, 110-120V, 60Hz
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RS-212, Retsch Rotary Sample Divider

RS-212 Retsch Rotary Sample Divider

The Retsch Rotary Sample Divider assures a high degree of sampling accuracy and reproducibility. The Rotary Sample Divider is well suited for small batches of bulk samples where six to ten representative samples are required. These units can be configured with different dividing heads, sample bottles and collection devices. Individual components are purchased separately to meet specific user requirements.

RS-212 Rotary Sample Divider Set is pre-configured to meet most common laboratory requirements. The electronically controlled Drive Unit accurately maintains the rotary speed at 110rpm, even under load. A digital timer allows for continuous timed operation from 1—60 minutes. The maximum feed size is 10mm and the feed capacity is up to 5,000ml, as governed by the total volume of the sample vessels.

The RS-212 Set includes a Rotary Sample Divider drive unit, synchronized Vibratory Feeder Set with Stand, eight-outlet quick-release hard-anodized aluminum dividing head, and ten RSA-137 250ml wide mouth glass sample bottles. Dimensions: 22.8x16.5x53.8in (580x420x910mm), WxDxH. Est. Ship Wt.: 101lbs (46kg).

Dividing heads with different numbers of outlets and sample vessels of different sizes and materials are available separately. Various sample vessels or bottles are also available in standard wide-mouth glass, plastic, or Duran reagent bottles up to 500ml capacity. Contact our Product Specialists for expert advice on selection of the best accessories for your application.

*Note the RSA-141 Duran Bottles requires the special RSA-134 Aluminum eight-outlet dividing head.

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