Economy Muffle Furnaces
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$565.00 MF-2  Muffle Furnace, Manual, Max. 2300F(1260C),115V/60Hz
$565.00 MF-2F  Muffle Furnace, Manual, Max. 2300F(1260C),230V/50-60Hz
$1,015.00 MF-2A  Muffle Furnace, Digital, Max. 2300F(1260C),115V/60Hz
$1,015.00 MF-2AF  Muffle Furnace, Digital, Max. 2300F(1260C),230V/50-60Hz
$880.00 MF-4  Muffle Furnace, Manual, Max. 2000F(1093C),115v/60Hz
$880.00 MF-4F  Muffle Furnace, Manual, Max. 2000F(1093C), 230V/50-60Hz
$1,445.00 MF-4A  Muffle Furnace, Digital, Max. 2000F(1093C)115V/60Hz
$1,445.00 MF-4AF  Muffle Furnace, Digital, Max. 2000F(1093C),230V/50-60Hz
$1,090.00 MF-6  Muffle Furnace, Manual, Max. 2000F(1093C), 230V/50-60Hz
$1,791.00 MF-6A  Muffle Furnace, Digital, Max. 2000F(1093C),230V/50-60Hz
$2,355.00 MF-8A  Muffle Furnace, Digital, Max. 2000F(1093C)230V/50-60Hz
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80.0 pounds   36.3 kilograms
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Muffle Furnace, Manual, Max. 2000F(1093C),115v/60Hz
MF-4, Economy Muffle Furnance with Manual Controller Enlarge Photo
MF-4, Economy Muffle Furnance with Manual Controller

MF-4 Economy Muffle Furnaces

Gilson Economy Muffle Furnaces have chamber capacities from 219—5,865in³ (3.6—96.1L). The 219in³ models have 2,300°F (1,260°C) maximum temperature; other models are 2,000°F (1,093°C). All models have chambers with minimum 2-1/2in (64mm) of refractory firebrick enclosed in heavygauge painted steel cases. Heating elements are mounted in the firebrick, easily accessible for maintenance. A metal-covered peephole for viewing is also featured, and a cord with plug is supplied. Models with side-hinged door have a manual door latch and are UL and Canadian UL approved. MF-4A, MF-6A, and MF-8A drop-front door models have a counterweight to hold door closed. The inside surface of drop doors provides convenient space for loading/unloading. Power to heating elements is interrupted when the door is open.

Manual Control models have indicating pyrometer with a needle temperature indicator accurate to ±2% of reading. The pyrometer is supplied with a chromel-alumel thermocouple. These furnaces are ideal for single-point operation or where manual adjustments to temperature are acceptable. The percent input knob on the furnace manually adjusts output to control temperature.

Automatic Digital Control furnaces feature precise programming, control, and digital display at costs well below competitive units. The electronic controller displays temperatures to the nearest degree in °F or °C. The display also provides alphanumeric prompts for easy programming and operation via the membrane keypad. Up to four programs can be stored in nonvolatile memory. The first program can store up to 18 segments, and the other three programs can store up to ten segments each. An audible temperature alarm or delayed start time can be programmed. An advanced Type K thermocouple probe with protective metal sheath senses temperatures.

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