Brookfield Programmable Thermosel Set, 230V/50Hz
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$2,950.00 LPA-52F  Brookfield Programmable Thermosel Set, 230V/50Hz
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ASTM D 4402
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Brookfield Programmable Thermosel Set, 230V/50Hz
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LPA-52, Programmable Thermosel

LPA-52F Brookfield Programmable Thermosel Set, 230V/50Hz

Rotational Viscometers and Rheometers provide rapid, reproducible high-temperature viscosity measurements that correlate closely with the time-consuming AASHTO T 201 glass capillary method. Asphalt binder products are tested for pumping characteristics and temperature/viscosity charts can be developed to estimate mixing and compaction temperatures in hot-mix design. Torque required to rotate a spindle immersed in the specimen is measured and yields a proportional dynamic viscosity value. Contact Gilson about Brookfield Viscometers and Rheometers for other applications.

Gilson offers two Brookfield systems to measure viscosity between 100cP and 40 million cP. Both are accurate to ±1% and reproducible to ±0.2%. The units can measure at sample temperatures from 9°-260°C (40°-500°F) and are compatible with a variety of spindles. Viscosity in cP or mPa/s, temperature in °C/°F, percent torque, shear rate, shear stress in dynes/cm², and spindle number are displayed continuously during operation. An easy to use key pad allows stand-alone programming of test parameters, and built-in RTD probes accurately monitor sample temperature. Parallel printer ports, serial RS-232 interface and analog voltage outputs are also provided. Calibration torque is 7,187 dyne cms, full-scale for both units.

LP-2R RVDV-II+ Pro Viscometer has 54 selectable speed options from 0.01-200 rpm and a two-line LCD display. Up to four selectable test programs can be programmed to memory. A lab stand, guard leg, output cable, carrying case, and a certificate of calibration are included. The included DV-Loader software allows creation of customized test programs. Est. Ship Wt: 18lb (8kg).

LP-3R RVDV-III Ultra-Programmable Rheometer features 2,600 rotational speed options from 0.01-250rpm and four-line LCD display for incredible materials characterization. New yield stress measurement feature characterizes startup flow behavior. Up to ten separate test programs can be stored to memory. The LP-3R includes RheoLoader software for custom programs, a lab stand, guard leg, output cable, carrying case, and certificate of calibration. Est. Ship Wt: 20lb (9kg).

LPA-52 Programmable Thermosel Set is required with both LP-2R and LP-3R systems for compliance with AASHTO T 316 and ASTM D 4402 specifications. The Thermosel set allows measurement of accurate viscosities at elevated temperatures, and consists of a programmable temperature controller, reusable stainless steel sample chamber, five disposable aluminum sample chambers, extracting tools, one SC4-27 stainless steel Spindle and a manual. The LPA-52 can be synchronized with the LP-3R Rheometer to provide viscosity data as a function of temperature over any time interval with up to ten temperature set points and hold times. Est. Ship Wt: 28lb (13kg).

LPA-60 WINGATHER Software for the LP-2R is used for data collection, creating test records, and providing viscosity flow curves. Four sets of data are displayed simultaneously the screen. New features include mathematical modeling and background printing of data and/or graphs. Wingather software requires user-supplied Windows® PC or Gilson HMA-354 Computer System.

LPA-62 RHEOCALC Software automates data collection for both models and allows complete computer control. The user can collect and analyze data, run math models for yield stress calculations and plastic index, and perform time-saving routines. Rheocalc software requires user-supplied Windows® PC or Gilson HMA-354 Computer System.

Thermosel Spindles are designated from SC4-21 (lower viscosity) to SC4-29 (higher viscosity). Order extra Spindles for wider viscosity range capability. One SC4-27 Spindle is supplied with Thermosel systems. Extra LPA-55 stainless steel Thermosel Chambers are recommended for labs running multiple samples. Cleaning time can be eliminated by using aluminum LPA-56 Disposable Thermosel Sample Chambers and Disposable Thermosel Spindles, both sold in packages of 100. The Chuck Closure Assembly is required for use with disposable spindles, and must be ordered separately. High-temperature Silicone Viscosity Standard Fluids verify performance of Brookfield Thermosel Systems. The optional LPA-65 recorder provides hard copy records of temperature and torque for each test, essential for most labs.

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