GilSonic SiftMaster
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$9,658.00 GA-18  Gilsonic Siftmaster, 115V-230V/50-60Hz
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Gilsonic Siftmaster, 115V-230V/50-60Hz
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GA-18, Gilson SiftMaster

GA-18 GilSonic SiftMaster

• Fast, efficient separation of dry, flowable materials.

• Exclusive AutoSift self-adjusting controls.

• No.18-No.635 sieve range (1,000µm-20µm size range).

The GilSonic SiftMaster applies the proven efficiency of sonic separation to rapid continuous production sizing of flowable powders. Both power level (amplitude) and pulse frequency of the unit are quickly “tuned” for individual material types. Gilson’s AutoSift electronic control monitors and adjusts material flow for maximum output with clean separation. Dual-position tap de-blinding keeps meshes clean. Once feed and product collection are set, no further operator attention is required. The device is ideal for low-volume continuous production of many materials including powdered metals, ceramics, minerals, ores, chemicals, cements, etc. Sealed all-stainless contact areas are easily accessible for food or pharmaceutical cleanups or for other low contamination applications. The unit is also suited to research or pilot plant applications

Normal sifting devices use movement of the screen surface to throw material and rely on the limited force of gravity to return particles against sieve meshes. Difficult fine or low density powders do not separate efficiently. By contrast, SiftMaster has a stationary sieve surface. Particles are lifted and forcibly tried to meshes by an oscillating air column that may be tuned to 2,400—3,600 tries per minute. Downward thrust by the air column acts as a “gravity-assist” to permit sifting many particles that will not separate by conventional means. For easier materials, the “assist” yields increased throughput and efficiency. Gentle sonic action assures screen wear and particle degradation are reduced.

Proper settings for material characteristics are established in minutes by simple manual adjustments while observing sifting action through the observation window.

When switched to AutoSift mode, an electronic sensor monitors material passing wire cloth mesh. When incomplete separation is sensed, AutoSift cuts power output. When clean separation is restored, power is automatically increased again. Highest throughput with sharp separation is assured. Sensors are continuously cleaned by a built-in air supply stream. Wire Cloth Units are changed through a front opening in less than a minute. SiftMasters may also be stacked or operated in series.

The SiftMaster is supplied on casters with 6ft (2m) of flexible hose that may be cut as desired to fit feed inlet and oversize/undersize outlet ports with clamps provided. For additional hose and clamps, order GAA-14 Kit. A freestanding, stainless steel 1.5ft³ (45qt) Feed Hopper is available as GAA- 12. Optional heavy-duty plastic containers are available for collection of separated fractions. Square plastic HM-450 pail is 10x10x13.2in (254x254x335mm) WxDxH with (15L) capacity, built-in bail handle and lid, and can be used to collect either undersize or oversize fractions. Larger oversize fractions can be collected with SC-189 Fiberglas Reinforced Plastic pan with dimensions of 23.3x17.3x10.3in (592x439x262mm) WxDxH and 64qt (61L) capacity. Other suitable containers are listed separately. Maximum dimensions for undersize collection vessel are 15x17x15in (381x432x381mm) WxDxH.

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