Hot Plates, Ranges & Stirrers

Thermolyne Cimarec® Hot Plates feature digital displays with settings adjustable in 5°C (9°F) increments. Microprocessor-controlled feedback maintains accurate, consistent temperatures. Hot-surface alert system warns of high temperatures regardless of On/Off status. Ceramic heating plate is easy to clean and resistant to most chemicals. Low-profile aluminum housing prevents fluid spills into electronics. Large wire-wound mica heating element assures fast, even heat up. Model with Magnetic stirrers uses ceramic drive magnet and stepless control for quiet, reliable operation. Patented Stir-Trac Technology provides exceptional slow-speed stirring, and immediate braking. A 2x3/8in (51x10mm) Teflon-coated stir bar is included with MA-1827.  Models operate on 120V/60Hz. Add “F” suffix for models that operate on 220-240V, 50/60Hz power supplies.

Electric Ranges

Starting at $146.00
Models: MA-838, MA-839

Propane Hot Plates

Starting at $59.50
Models: MA-812, MA-814, MA-816, MA-818

Hot Plate, 1,060 Heating Watts

Starting at $277.00
Models: MA-1807, MA-1807F

Stirring Hot Plate

Starting at $451.50
Models: MA-1827, MA-1827F